Raffi Youredjian, Author of Tour de Armenia, Concludes International Book Tour , AGBU YP Chicago

2Youredjian tells the story of a lesser-known Armenia through his travelogue, visiting Chicago’s AGBU Center in March.

In March 2015, Raffi Youredjian, author of Tour de Armenia [tourdearmenia.com], ended his 12-city tour of AGBU chapters, schools, Young Professionals (YP) groups and partner organizations. Since November 2014, Youredjian has visited cities throughout Europe and North America to present his book and share stories about his experience.

Tour de Armenia is a lively account of Youredjian’s 1,000-kilometer bicycle trip through Armenia in search of adventure and identity. During his trip, Youredjian stops in Etchmiadzin and Shushi as well as in dozens of smaller towns and villages, including Spitak, Jermuk, Alaverdi, Haghpat, Sevan and Martuni. Youredjian was inspired to write the book to show the vitality of Armenia as it is today and to propose a progressive way of thinking of Armenian identity that goes beyond the history of the genocide.

“[The book] is a travelogue full of fun stories of everything that happened along the trip—from late nights dancing with villagers, breathtaking bike rides, visits to historical sites and marriage proposals at every turn,” says Youredjian. “At its heart the book is a love story and a search for identity as well as a way to document the generosity and hospitality of the Armenian people.”

The book tour included stops in Vienna, Athens, Frankfurt, Montréal, Toronto, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Fresno, Pasadena and Canoga Park.

Youredjian was born in London and raised in the United States. He is a photographer and avid traveler who has visited countries on every continent. He currently works for the Discovery Channel in London.

Tour de Armenia is now available on Amazon and Kindle and is currently being translated into French, Bulgarian and Armenian.

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